Text Bomb Defender v1.0 Apk App

 Requirements: Android 2.1+
 Overview: Protect yourself against Text Bombs!

 Protect yourself against Text Bombs!
 Repeated Text Messages can be annoying, troublesome, and can hide important messages. Many apps exist to send out massive text messages like TXT Bomb and Text-o-Death. Protect yourself against repeated SMS messages cluttering up your inbox with the Text Bomb Defender.
 Made by the makers of Melwin Mail and other high quality Android apps, Text Bomb Defender has options to adjust the look back time frame, enable notifications, silence them, and whitelist people in your contacts list.
 Blocked messages are stored in a consolidated log that can be viewed and managed straight from the Text Bomb Defender interface.
 As always, all Melwin Apps are ad-free and spyware free. This application requires permissions to inspect incoming SMS messages and also look up contacts (for whitelisting). No Internet communication or outbound messages are sent and not required.
 If you have an questions or requests, please email us at support@melwin.net.

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