ePrint v1.0.4 Full Apk App

ePrint v1.0.4 Full Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: ePrint
 “ePrint” enables you to print directory from your Android devices.

 For ink-jet printer users:
 Canon, brother, Samsung, Lexmark ink-jet printers are not available on ePrint.
 ePrint supports Android OS 1.6 to 2.3 currently.We have not guaranteed 3.0 or later, because a part of function doesn't operate correctly.

 If you have “ePrint” and required printers, you don’t need PC anymore.
 You can print various contents such as Web pages, contents in your Android devices (contacts, photos, or Gmail) as you like.

 ePrint works with the printers installing the following printer description language.
 Please check each printer manufacture web site to confirm what printer description language your printer has.
 Please check if ePrint supports your printer’s PDL before you purchase ePrint.
 You can also test with “ePrint Free” at first.

 Epson Inkjet Printers
 - PDL: ESC/P-R (except ESC/P raster)
 Epson Page Printers
 - PDL: ESC/Page, ESC/Page-Color, ESC/Page-S (Color only)
 HP Inkjet Printers
 HP Page Printers
 - PDL: PCL (Except for HostBase model)
 Canon Page Printers
 - PDL: LIPS (Except CAPT)
 OKI Printers & Multifunction Printers
 - PDL: PCL, PostScript
 Canon, brother, Samsung, Lexmark or other manufacture’s Page Printers
 ePrint works if the printers support the following PDL.
 - PCL
 - PostScript
 Canon, brother, Samsung, Lexmark or other manufacture’s Inkjet Printer
 - NONE. (ePrint does not work.)

 Printer is connected on the network and printed through TCP/IP (LPR).
 Printer should be available for SNMP.
 Meet support printers conditions.

 1. Web page printing
 - You can specify print pages
 2. Camera (24 formats) (Borderless printing support)
 - Date stamp or time stamp function
 3. Gmail printing (text format)
 4. Contacts (3 formats)
 5. Albums. (24 formats) (Borderless printing support)
 6. Photo calendar (5 formats)
 7. Add a printer. (Bonjour search / Enter IP address)
 8. Print Settings
 Duplex (Limited printer models)
 Paper size
 Media type (Only for ink-jet printers)
 Print image preview
 9. Support direct printing for the Printer connected AirMac with USB
 Please contact us in English.
 Produced by e-Workshop

Download Instructions:

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