LilyPad HD - floating chat v1.4 Apk App

LilyPad HD - floating chat v1.4 Apk App

Requirements: Android 3.0+
Overview: LilyPad HD is the first floating instant messaging app for your Android tablet!

 With LilyPad HD, you can now have powerful multitasking capabilities just like on your desktop computer. LilyPad HD was designed to 'float' over all of your running applications. That means you can now watch a YouTube video, surf the internet, or use any of your other apps while simultaneously chatting with your Google Talk and Facebook friends!

 LilyPad HD is now stable enough to shed its beta tag. We will still be fixing bugs and making it even more awesome in the upcoming weeks. If you experience any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you within 12 hours or less! Please do not rate it poorly without contacting us. We promise to reply to all emails ASAP and address whatever issues we can.

 -Adjustable/resizable chat win-dows
 -Quick Hide Mode: double tap action bar to enable quick hide mode
 -Minimize chat win-dows completely
 -Tabbed chatting for multiple conversations

 ★★We've decided to drop the in-app purchase model for LilyPad HD. All additional clients added will be available for FREE!★★

 Client Supported:
 -Google Talk
 -Facebook Messenger

 Upcoming client support

 Which IM client would you like to see added next? Take a minute and let us know. Vote on our site:

 2-step Verification:
 Users have confirmed that LilyPad HD works with Google's 2-step verification. If you're having issues, please check out their help section:

 You need to create a new application specific password. Attempting to use an old password will not work here.

 What's in this version:
 NEW: Facebook Messenger is now supported!! Log in with your Facebook USERNAME NOT your email! FREE UPDATE!
 NEW: Active notification for buddylist
 NEW: Shadowing around floating win-dows
 NEW: LED Notification
 NEW: Start-up on boot
 NEW: Hyperlinking support for YouTube, URLs
 NEW: Dividers between messages in chat win-dow
 NEW: Tap user on buddylist to jump to tab on chat window
 FIXED: Notifications when in Quick Hide mode
 FIXED: Connectivity issues
 FIXED: Keyboard hides when minimizing/QHM
 other bugs

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