Google Voice Integration v1 Apk App

Requirements: 2.1 and up
Overview: Integrate your Google Voice account with native Android messaging application.

 Integrate your Google Voice account with native Android messaging application. No need to run Google Voice application.

 If you like to use your google voice account with native Android messaging app, all you need to do is download this application!

 With integrating your Google Voice, you will be able to send FREE texts to anyone from your GV account.

 Once you integrate your GV account with native messaping application, you will also be able to initiate the first conversation with your friends from your GV number.

 It also works with any other external application that uses native messaging app such as Vlingo.

 Google Voice application already forwards incoming texts to android messaging application. Please follow the steps below to enable this.

 Open up Google Voice application
 Hit menu button and select more than select Settings.
 Hit Sync and notifications from the Settings screen.
 Hit Receive text messages and choose Also via the messaging app option.

 That's it, you are all set!

 Keep in mind, Google Voice will forward your incoming texts to your phone number which is assigned to your phone. If you don't have a phone plan, this option obviously won't work.

 If you have any questions, please email to

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