SpeedUP v3.91 Apk App

SpeedUP v3.91 Apk App

Requirements: Android2.1+
Overview: SpeedUP Like the speed of your phone adjusts.

 Use SpeedUP Widgets for easier uses.
 Complex and difficult system-related apps are always a lot of settings for beginners If you do not see a lot of use before watching the creation of this app has been decided.
 The app is running, just one click of a button, the system will allow you to manage.
 After installation, execution of these five, the button will be displayed.
 Go: If you press this button to set the phone makes the fastest speed possible.
 The original speed: Turn your phone into the base rate will put.
 Fastest speed: the fastest, although the transitions to the beautiful animation disappeared beorimeu term will drop.
 App Man : Clear the cache, and Manage Apps.
 Exit: to exit app button.
 This app set to be crafted to target beginners as there is no use of throwing complicated.
 In addition, when an app exits of the process to close the current floating things in the proper memory management, so close and exit has the ability.
 Proper function to optimize future smartphones and upgrades will be added gradually.

 What's in this version:
 You can select whether 3G/4G data connection reset.
 3G/4G data connection is managed by SpeedUP widget.
 Black/White font widget added.
 1x1 widget added.
 Added White List management by Menu key.
 Added Support Galaxy Note and Vega No.5
 widget added!
 fixed install problem on android 2.1 version.

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