Tetra Filer v1.5.0 Apk App

Tetra Filer v1.5.0 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Smart manager for your file operation.

 tetra filer is a lite file manager which has high usability and simple UI design.
 It shows files in SD card by 4 colored icons.

 * List view
 * Cut, copy, paste and delete
 * Folder creation
 * Rename
 * Search (with wildcards)
 * Compress and extract
 * Property
 * Bookmark
 * Shortcut
 * Multiple selection
 * Sort
 * Share
 * Thumbnail view (Image, video and APK)

 Differences between the free version:
 * Themes
 * Multiple share
 * Show hidden files
 * No limit bookmark number

 What's in this version:
 Added zip file viewer.
 Supported to create a shortcut on home screen.

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