BugMe! Stickies Pro v1.1.0.5 Apk App

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Replace those fading yellow sticky notes with BugMe! - with ink notes and alarms

 Replace those fading yellow sticky notes with BugMe! - with ink notes and alarms
 Its time to bring your yellow sticky postit notes up to date - BugMe! brings all the fun and flexibility of the handy little notes right to your smartphone or tablet. Pin them to a virtual cork board within the app and set alarms and alerts, or use the BugMe! Widget to “Stick” your note on your launcher screen for that extra visual reminder!
 Main features:
 MAKE QUICK NOTES - write in digital ink with your finger, or type with the inbuilt keyboard
 ALARMS & REMINDERS - set alarms and due times on your notes
 SAVE NOTES TO LAUNCHER - widget for handy sticky notes on your app launcher!
 SEND YOUR NOTES TO FRIENDS - send notes to friends via Facebook, Twitter or email
 CUSTOMIZE THE LOOK - choice of note colors and ink styles to help you get organized
 USE YOUR PHOTOS - use your photos as note backgrounds or make notes and marks on your photos
 MAKE LISTS - use your notes as lists
 ORGANIZE - drag and drop your notes to rearrange them on the virtual cork board.
 and more!
 “There's something to be said for a simple, straightforward note-taking app that borrows from the familiar: sticky notes.” CNet Review
 BugMe! has been a leading productivity app for smartphones and organizers since 1997 - we're proud that we've replaced so many yellow stickies!

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