ASTRO File Manager / Browser Pro v3.1.359 Apk App

Requirements: All Android OS
Overview: ASTRO File Manager has over 13 million downloads on the Android Market and allows you to easily manage all of your files on your phone or tablet. Pictures, music, documents, videos... ASTRO is in most Top Ten Android App lists and has been recommended in books like Amazing Android Apps. DOWNLOAD NOW and join the ASTRO family.

 Features include: file management, file and/or app backup, Image and text viewers, networking, MSB, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip Tar, downloader, thumbnails, search files, application manager, task manager, attachments and more…

 Please visit our website for a Quick Start Guide, FAQ's and Documentation. Get In-App Support by clicking Menu in ASTRO, then More and Help.

 The ad free version, ASTRO File Mng Pro is available on the left (see More from developer)

 ASTRO currently supports 9 languages including: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

 What's in this version:
 Numerous bug fixes:
 Home and Backup Directories now properly save in preferences.
 Added the ability to tap on the address bar and choose to set Home or Backup directory from there.
 Fix for supporting external SD cards for some ASUS tablets.
 Several minor bugs and tweaks have been implemented.

Download Instructions:

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