DSM Notepad v1.0.12 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 2.0+
Overview: DSM Notepad is the best notepad tool for android platform , free and No Ads.

 DSM Notepad is the best notepad tool for android platform, which is free, No Ads and provides most rich and convenient notes related functions. You can use the
Notepad to create notes in text, picture, video, audio, drawing, and checklist format, set a password and reminder for a note, and share notes in the MicroBlog posts, emails, and SMS messages. Rich functions and excellent user experience make the Notepad a popular and useful application.
-Free , No Ads and can use offline without login;
-Support hand-painted and multi-page content can be saved as a flash animation (SWF format) for easy sharing with friends;
- Support widget
- Support hand-write
- Support for text, images, video, voice notes commonly used type, also supports hand-painted graffiti, can be text, pictures zoom in, zoom, rotate, overlay and other landscaping treatment, so that notes become a meaningful and interesting things;
- Support checklist (MOU), you can add multiple to-do and prioritize, so your work and stay organized;
- Customizable Notepad list shows the sort and type of view;
- Can be set to remind the time;
- Can set password, and view a single notepad password to protect your privacy;
- A beautiful setting for the notebook cover and background;
- Can be inserted into your current location information, so that notes become simple and true;
- By microblogging, e-mail, instant message, etc. Share your notepad, make friends, share your happiness and all the important moments;
- Support for two-dimensional code scanning capabilities, allowing you to record any product information anytime, anywhere.
- Support for save as picture、PPT、PDF、Flash and so on.

What's in this version:
Optimize desktop widget
Optimize hand-writing
Optimize muti-picture browsing

Download Instructions:

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