NotePlus Pro v1.1.1 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: NotePlus is a simple but powerful notepad application.

NotePlus is a simple but powerful notepad application. Visually appealing and easy to use, it has a wide range of features not found in other notepad apps. Folders are extremely easy to create and use, allowing notes to be easily categorized. Notes can also be given an unlimited number of user-defined tags. There are widgets for both creating a new note and leaving a sticky of existing one. You can set notes to give a reminder in the notification bar, or to expire once they are no longer useful. NotePlus uses 256 AES encryption by default for its password protected notes, so it is secure enough for any need. Voice and video attachments are supported, along with checklists, SD card backups, and search. You can even attach custom made drawings.
**Feature Summary**
-Easy to use folders
 -User-defined tags

-256 bit AES encryption for password protected notes
-Status bar reminders
-Expiration of notes
-Favorite notes
-Sharing to/from other apps
-Add note widget
-Note sticky widget
-Photo attachments
-Voice attachments
-Drawing attachments
-Customization options
Q: How do I delete a note/checklist/folder?
A: Long click it. A menu will appear and you can select Delete.
Q: How do I move a note to a new folder?
A: From its long click menu select the Move option. A dialog allowing you to move it will appear.
Q: How do I add/remove tags from a note/checklist?
A: In its upper right corner there is a tag icon. Click it, and a dialog will appear. Check/uncheck tags as desired.
Q: How do I delete a tag?
A: Select the Edit Tags option in the menu of the main screen, and check the tags you want to delete.
Q; How do I delete an attachment?
A: Long click it, and a menu will appear allowing you to delete it.
Q: How do I edit a drawing?
A: Long click its thumbnail, and a menu will appear. Select Edit Drawing and it will open in an editable view.
Q: Why can't I move NotePlus to the SD Card?
A: Moving apps to the SD card will break their widgets. Future versions may allow moving to the SD card, but this will disable the widgets.
NotePlus Pro will remove the ads from NotePlus and unlock the bonus Pro Only features.
Recent changes:
-Picture notes
-Improved graphics for lower resolutions
-Miscellaneous bugfixes

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