Skype v11 Android apk app

Requirements: Android 2.3+
Overview: Share the moment with mobile video calling Show afriend your new haircut, or your five-year-old’s latest painting. Have aface-to-face meeting with far-off clients. With Skype on Android, you can makemobile video calls*** to other Skype users on Android and iPhone smart phones,MAC and Windows PCs and TV too.
 To make avideo call you’ll need a phone with two cameras, front and rear.
Right nowvideo calling is available on selected handsets, and we’ll be adding more verysoon.

Changes compared to v10:
~ Added "Enable portrait video-calling" option
~ Added "Prefer fullscreen incoming video" option

Basic features:
- Works with devices with no camera, incompatible CPU (no video-calling of course!)
- Works with devices with only one camera
- Works with devices with 2 cameras
- No autostart by default (you can select if you want Skype to start on boot // if skype keeps autostarting randomly, disable skype contacts' sync through Skype settings!)
- Exit button!
- Colorful status icons at notifications bar
- Bluetooth audio (while in-call tap options key and then "Toggle BT Audio". You need to have an active connection with a BT headset first, of course!)
- Camera flash support (just tap "Toggle Flash" under in-call options menu!)
- Portrait video-call support!
- Some other under-the-hood fixes (ringtone follows ringer rules, vibration follows sound profile rules, vibration works even on normal ringer mode, speaker toggle under in-call options menu)

Has a new settings screen, ADVANCED SETTINGS, where you can customize things!
Just press the options key on your device and then tap Advanced Settings.

To get video-calling, if it's not enabled by default, just check "Enable video calling" in Skype settings!!! If there's no such option in Skype settings, then use the "Force-enable video-calling" toggle in Advanced Settings

If you don't see some of the settings below, they're not supported on your camera/device.
(Unsupported focus/other modes may lead to black camera image, just pick another or revert to "Default"!)

Additional settings available:
- Force-enable video-calling, will force Skype enable video-calling function
- Force-enable both cameras, for Galaxy Tab P1000/other devices - needs testing
- Keep screen alive, will prevent screen from going off when in audio-calls
- Avoid setFPS, fix for some users with black image on their cameras
- Use valid preview surface, fix for some users with black image on their cameras (for example Droid 3 users)
- Use fixed camera IDs, for users that their phones detect both cameras as rear-facing or both as front-facing
- Enable portrait video-calling, will enable portrait mode in video-calls
- Prefer fullscreen incoming video, will not let Skype swap video feeds, so that incoming video stays fullscreen, unless you double tap the small video-window
- Flip incoming video-image, will flip (mirror) incoming video feed!
- Autostart on boot, will start Skype when your phone boots up
- Enable verbose logging, will force Skype log more information
- Herotab/Dropad FC fix, for users of this tablet, fixes FC when tapping video-call button

@ Camera settings
-- Camera resolution picker (Black camera image or zoomed image? Try "Force 320x240"!)
-- Focus Mode
-- Color Effect
-- Scene Mode
-- White Balance
-- Rotation (will rotate your camera image - to droidrx)
-- Flip image you see
-- Flip both image you see and send

@ Audio settings
-- Ringtone picker, choose your own sound for incoming calls!
-- Notification sound picker, choose your own notification sound!
-- Disable vibration entirely
-- Disable sign-in/out vibration
-- Notification vibration pattern, customize vibration!
-- Disable sign-in/out sounds
-- Prefer Bluetooth Audio, will automatically try to enable BT audio when a call is answered
-- Force speaker off after skype calls, if your speaker stays enabled after skype calls
-- Use MODE_IN_CALL, for devices with audio problems (like ZTE Blade)
Many devices added and supported

You need to uninstall skype app, then install this APK, unless you're already running one of my builds!
If you have force-closes or issues, try wiping skype app data using Titanium backup and reinstall.

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