Cube Calculator v1.3.3 ( Free - No Ads ) Android apk app

Requirements: Android 1.5 +
Overview: Universal free, every day calculator with scientific features.

* Math expressions calculation (developed on RPN-algorithm, no RPN-calculators' UI!
* Percentages (calculation discount, tax, tip and other)
* Radix mode (HEX/BIN/OCT)
* Time calculation (two modes)
* Calculation history and memory
* Digit grouping of result
* Logarithmic and trigonometric functions (degrees and radians)
* Saving state between sessions
* Color themes (skins)
* Large buttons
* Very easy to use

More features will be added. Stay in touch!

* DMS for degrees
* fraction result
* many useful features
* yours suggestions

What's in this version:
+ Added ability to add comments for records in the history
+ Added count indicator of records in the history
+ Added ability to list only locked records in the history + Added n-th root (n√x)
+ Added 1/x feature
+ Added inverse hyperbolic trig functions (hyp arc)
+ Added sound for buttons (customizable)
+ Added left/right cursors buttons (but hardware volume buttons are recommended)
+ Added hardware buttons support
Fixed the keyboard layout for few screens

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