Power Manager Full v2.0.7 Apk App

Requirements: Android O/S : 1.6+
Overview: Extended your battery life and manage the power usage of your phone!

 Extended your battery life and manage the power usage of your phone. Provides automated policy that automatically performs actions to reduce battery drain without mannual user intervention. Supports turning off components that can drain battery when not needed such as GPS, Bluetooth, Wireless.

 Adds NEW settings to the phone (e.g. screen timeout during a call, etc.) and allows you to quickly change other phone settings depending on conditions (e.g. low batt).

 Also provides multiple ways to reduce battery drain caused by data usage such as Sync and other Mobile Network data transfers.

 NEW and Improved Update provides the following enhancements: 1) New Modern User Interface that scales to support all screen sizes including tablets. 2) Displays Battery Usage to show what is causing battery drain. 3) Supports 250+ Locale Plug-in Trigger Conditions and Actions that can provide additional triggers to detect when you might want perform battery saving actions through built-in actions or through Locale Plug-in Actions. 4) Groups profiles into Power Saving Modes so that you can choose the level of battey savings you would like to achieve such as Basic, Aggressive or Extreme.

 What's in this version : (Updated : Apr 14, 2012)
 Invoking shortcut now functions correctly.
 Actions were are now applied when going on USB or A/C Power.

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