Olive Offic e Premium v1.0.62 Apk App

Olive Offic e Premium v1.0.62 Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: OliveOffic ePremium is a software suite for Android devices that enables you to view and edit Mi crosoft Word(doc/docx),
 Excel(xls/xlsx) and PowerPoint(ppt/pptx) files.

 In addition,it inherits the function of viewing portable document file(pdf) and compiled help manual(chm) from
 OliveOffic eBasic,released previously.
 Our product can be downloaded and used completely free of charge.
 More features will be revealed in later versions.
 If you only want to view the files,please download "OliveOffic eBasic" version which is optimzed for viewing.
 For any questions about this software,please send email to support@oliveoffic e.com.
 We are very pleased to accept your feedback and suggestion at any time
 Olive DOC:
 *Create,open and edit M icrosoft Word documents
 *View and edit rich text formatting:bold,italics,underline,font size
 *Select a text range to edit
 *View images and tables
 *Edit texts in tables
 *Zoom in/out
 *Save documents with Save/SaveAs
 *Copy, cut and paste text
 *File support:.DOC and .DOCX
 Olive XLS:
 *Create,open and edit M icrosoft Excel spreadsheets
 *Edit single cell contents
 *Select multiple cell ranges for formatting:bold,italics,underline,fontsize and cell background color
 *Navigate between worksheets inside a single spreadsheet
 *Easily change formula inputs and dynamically recalculate
 *View images
 *Add and delete one column/row
 *Zoom in/out
 *Save spreadsheets with Save/SaveAs
 *Copy, cut and paste single cell content
 *File support:.XLS and .XLSX
 Olive PPT:
 *Create,open PowerPoint presentations and edit slide text content
 *View presentations:images,autoshapes and rich text formatting:bold,italics,underline,font size
 *Easily navigate slides with Previous/Next
 *Save presentations with Save/SaveAs
 *File support:.PPT and .PPTX
 Olive PDF:
 *Open PDF files
 *Quick navigation with Go To Page
 *Zoom in/out
 Olive CHM:
 *Open CHM files
 *Follow hyperlinks
 Olive MHT:
 *Open MHT files
 Language Support:
 Localized in English,French,Korean,Chinese,Japanese,Deutsch

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