Fishing Adventure v1.1 Apk Android game

Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: A Free, Fun Fishing Game for ALL Ages!

 The Vikings are on an adventure to feed their hungry village and they need your help!
 Bergfinn and his friend, Thorkel, must catch fish for tonight's dinner. Since they are providing a meal for the entire Viking village, they need your help to catch as many fish as possible. The bigger the catch, the better!
 The Game:
 Tilt your device left and right to help them direct the fishing boat.
 Cast the net by tilting it towards yourself. Try to catch fish inside the net!
 When you have caught some fish in the net, tilt your device upwards to send the fish up to Bjorn and Torrad.
 The bigger the fish you catch, the more points you earn!
 • Sharks: 10 points
 • Large Green Fish: 5 points
 • Small Blue Fish: 1 point
 As you go through the game, the fish are harder to find and harder to catch!
 But beware of the Water Dragon! He might bite your net and the game will be over.
 The Arcade:
 Bergfinn and Thorkel, the Vikings, are still fishing.
 They are not very skilled fishermen and they are getting very tired!
 You can help them steer the boat against the current and catch as many fish as possible.
 But keep an eye on your energy levels as they will start to run out!
 You will need to catch fish to restore your energy or else the game will end.
 As you go through the game, your energy will reduce faster. You will find it harder to steer, to find fish and to catch!
 And you must be watchful for those sharp teeth of the Water Dragon!
 It's a great game to test your skill, speed and determination so the Vikings can have a meal tonight!
 Enjoy this great fishing adventure game. It's ideal for kids of ALL ages!

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