Galaxy Striker 2012 Apk

Galaxy Striker 2012 Apk - This is a Sci-Fi flight shooting game.

In 2025, civil war broke out in the solar system. Aliens organizeda powerful star fleet to launch a terrorist attack to the Earth. They attempt to use their force to rule the Earth and the solar system. People on the Earth fight back, using three types of plane-fighter jets, which are newly developed and equipped with modern weapons, to start fighting back.

-a sci-fi combat game
-3 types of alternative aircraft fight in space.
-a creative points with distinctive features
-a variety choices for difficulty

Innovative ideas and Advantages
-smooth screen performance
-Refreshing battle and magnificent barrage.
-a personalized operation of full-screen touch
-beautiful pictures, real-timely sound, create true feelings there for players.

Galaxy Striker 2012 v1.0.2 Apk
Size : 7 MB 
Requires Android:1.6 and up 
Android Market Link - Visit 
Developer - Visit  

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