SHAKIN'Change! v1.4.4 Full Apk App

Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: The face changes…and changes…and changes!
 Take a photo and just shake.

 1 shake, 2 shakes, 3 shakes…

 The glasses, the mustache…
 You’re only shaking, but it’s so much fun!!

 So, hey! Let’s shake!

 ★Compatible with Twitter
 We responded to the many requests for the compatibility with Twitter postings. Attach a comment with the decorated photos and you can easily post them up!
 (*) Requires configurations beforehand to allow the use of Twitter.

 ■How to Use■

 1. Take a picture or select one from a photo album

 >From the left, the icons at the top of the screen indicate “Snap a photo with the camera,” “Select from the gallery,” "Resume," and “Go to the website.”

 If you choose “Snap a photo with the camera,” a face guide will appear, so please use it as a base.

 2. When the picture is displayed, touch the screen.

 The menu button will appear.

 3. Touch the “Edit” button.

 Match the outline of the face.

 4. Touch the “OK” button when you roughly match the outline of the face.

 * You may adjust the length with the up and down arrows.
 * Match the position of each of the eyebrows, eyes, and mouth

 5. Touch “Finish”

 ★You're set!
 ★All you have to do now is shake! Shake! Shake!

 ※If you touch the screen and select “Save,” you can save and/or send your finished picture to PC's and cell phones.

Download Instructions:

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