Noiseless Sol-e Camera Pro v1.1.1 Apk App

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Camera, Mute camera, Camera widget, Fast camera, Noiseless Camera
 Noiseless Sol-e Camera Pro!!( Mute, Widget, Continuous Photo, Timer, Self Camera, Secrets album(Locks Gallery...)

 Completely mute camera. do not hear the shutter sound.
 Shot powerful widgets
 Widget camera, You do not need to run the camera, can be taken pictures immediately Widgets without shooting sound
 During a call, though not in the game, even though shooting directly into the widget!!
 Continuous (3,5,7,10,20 Phtos), Timer(3,5,7,10 Second), Switching front of the camera, Photo Preview Widget, Secrets album save.. etc Support!!
 1x1, 2x1, 3x2(Pro) Support a variety of sizes!
 Landscape, Portrait, determine the widget automatically saved at the time of shooting!
 Widget at the time of shooting, image size can be specified
 ● Secrets album
 Gallery without saving, the application stored in the internal secret photo album
 Support the album password lock setting (PRO)
 ● Change the preview screen support!
 While hiding the camera preview screen shot support.
 Instead, the camera preview screen can be replaced by another picture.
 Shooting buttons, option buttons, etc. can be hidden!!
 Continuous (3,5,7,10,20 Photos), Timer (3,5,7,10 Second)
 Photo sizes can be selected!
 Storage folders can be set!
 Auto focus mode can be taken!
 Front, rear camera can be set!

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